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The Trustees and the President of the 

Philadelphia College of Art 

cordially invite you and your guests 

to a reception and preview of the exhibition 


on Friday, June 10, 1966 

4:30 to 7 pm 

Broad and Pine Streets 

The exhibition will be open 

June 13 through July 1,1966 

9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday 

The preview will be followed by a 

subscription dinner which 

you and your guests might 

wish to attend. Information about the 

dinner can be found on the following pages. 

The climax of each College year is the "Young 
Designers Exhibition." More than 850 young artists 
of the Philadelphia College of Art bring their finest 
work to the public in a month-long display. A 
thousand works of art, representing every department 
of the College, freshman to senior year, fill the 
entire main floor of the College as well as the courtyard 
studio. In a special area the College displays the 
work of the students receiving awards for distinguished 
achievement at graduation ceremonies, Saturday, 
June 11. Tomorrow's world of art is revealed through 
the work of these gifted young men and women in the 
fine arts, industrial, interior and dimensional design, 
the arts of advertising and illustration, fabric design, 
art education, photography and the film. 


The Women's Advisory Board 

of the Philadelphia College of Art 

cordially invites you to attend the 


for the benefit of 

the PGA Scholarship Fund 

at the Gollege, Broad and Pine Streets, 

Friday, June 10, 1966, at 7 pm 

immediately following 

the preview of the 

Young Designers 1966 Exhibition 

After-dinner Fashion Show 
Summer and Fall originals 
by Emil Dejohn 

A donation of $15 admits one 


Reservations are limited to 
the first 400 who reply. 

RSVP cards enclosed. 

Each year the Women's Advisory Board sponsors a major 
event to raise scholarship funds for the Philadelphia 
College of Art. In the past this event has taken the form 
of an afternoon scholarship party held in the spring. This 
is the first year that the Board will sponsor a dinner to be 
held immediately following the preview of the Young 
Designers Exhibition. 


The cost of education at this college and at most others 
has more than doubled during the past ten years. In 1953 
tuition at PCA was $570. By 1964 it had increased to $1400,. 
Yet this high tuition pays for only 657c of the actual cost 
of educating a student. Every student, therefore, receives 
a subsidy of 357^' of the full cost of his education and many 
students, with limited financial resources, receive far more. 

To assure professional career opportunities for these 
more needy and talented young men and women, $120,000 
has been earmarked for their scholarship assistance during 
the next school year in addition to $60,000 in tuition loans. 
Only $20,000 for scholarships is currently available from 
endowment, and $100,000 must be raised through contributions 
from individuals and industry. 

You can help us achieve this important goal by attending the 
Young Designers Dinner. Your generous support is vitally needed 
to assure an education to the many talented and worthy students 
who appeal to the College for scholarship aid. Your dinner 
reservation is a tax deductible donation. Please use the enclosed 
reply card today. 


Mrs. J. Thomas Craig, Chairman 

Mrs. Henry A. Berwind 

Mrs. George D. Culler 

Mrs. Robert D. Dripps 

Mrs. Robert W. Drummond 

Mrs. Michael H. Egnal 

Mrs. Robert Elder 

Mrs. Edward Evans 

Mrs. Richard Ewing 

Mrs. Stephen S. Gardner 

Mrs. Edward S. Gifford, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward A. Fahrner 

Mrs. Daniel J. Haley, Jr. 

Mrs. Thomas Hart 

Mrs. John V. Hastings, 3rd 

Mrs. Joseph Indzel 

Mrs. George F. Johnson 

Mrs. Charles Z. Klauder, Jr. 

Mrs. Peter Kyropoulos 
Mrs. Austin Lamont 
Mrs. Edward Lange 
Mrs. Albert W. Latta, Jr. 
Mrs. Bertram Lippincott 
Mrs. William F. Machold 
Mrs. Corinne Meisler 
Mrs. Rex Morgan 
Mrs. Clarence Morris 
Mrs. Dikran Pakradooni 
Mrs. Justin Pearson 
Mrs. P. Kay Schwartz 
Mrs. Robert T. Seymour 
Mrs. Otis Walter 
Mrs. Morris Wenger 
Mrs. Howard A. Wolf 
Mrs. Richard Wynn 
Mrs. Frederick M. Yost 


Design/Richard Hood 

Printed in 12 pt. Optima by offset lithography on 

Starwhite cover by The Drake Press 

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